Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shaping Up

It's been such a pleasure for Hubby and I to make our new house into a home.   Hubby felt like we were "home" when we put the refrigerator magnets up on the fridge!
I feel like we've settled in now that our living room finally looks homey, with new curtains and photos on the wall:

And even Oreo has found his favorite places to relax:

I had to find something new to do with my "knick-knacks".  I'm not a knick-knack person, but I do have a few pieces that have sentimental value......penguins that people have given me.  And four angels, one each representing my Mom, my Memere, my Aunt Terry and my Mother-in-Law.

It's sort of an old-fashioned style shelf, but I'm sort of an old-fashioned kind of girl.

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