Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Cookout

Hubby and I were absolutely delighted to have most of our combined kids over for a cookout.   The most fun for me was to have both our grandchildren together to play at the same time.

Emily and Noah loved the bubbles

My son and his wife gave us their old swingset since they got a new one, so the kids got to play on that.

Hubby took this absolutely awesome photo of Noah in motion.

They insisted on sitting side by side for supper.

And the big treat of the evening was getting to see, sit on, and touch Don's new motorcycle.

This is Noah and Emily's rendition of playing baseball.

And this is just about the funniest "argument" I've ever heard.  No one seemed to know what they were arguing about....including, I suspect, Noah and Emily.  The camera starts shaking towards the end when my husband is cracking up while filming.

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Joan J said...

Noah and his expressive hands is too funny! And your new yard looks like the perfect place for family gatherings and grandchildren races. I know you'll enjoy it for many, many years.