Friday, July 22, 2011

Library time

Hubby and I both enjoy the library very much.  I'm a cheap son-of-a-gun, and wouldn't be caught dead paying full price to buy a book.   Usually, I see in the newspaper that a favorite author has a new title out, and I go online and reserve it at the library.

Hubby loves to use the library for everything,......DVD's, CD's and of course, all kinds of books.   We usually visit the library every week or so.

Last night, our library was having a children's show put on by Author Jeff Nathan, who wrote "There's a Bear in my Shoe."    It promised to be a silly, fun-loving evening of song and crazy poetry.

We took Emily, who will be four on August 4th, to see the show.  We knew she'd enjoy it, because she's had a sense of humor, especially for slapstick comedy, since she was a baby.

We got there about 15 minutes early, and had the joy and privilege of helping her pick out her first library books.   I explained carefully about "borrowing" and she was perfectly fine with the idea that she would have to bring the books back.  

She used Pepere's library card.   We asked about her getting her own card, and the library lady said, "When she is four."    So hopefully, in two weeks, we can take Emily back to return her books, get her her first library card, and start a long tradition of visiting the Library.

By the way......she LOVED the silly show!

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tag vennard said...

Her books are dues back on Aug 4th her birthday, when she can get her own card!
8 ^ )