Monday, July 18, 2011

Ice Cream for Supper

When my kids were young, every Sunday they'd play soccer.   Since the teams were divided by age groups, my three kids were often on three different teams, which meant that they'd play in three different games.  This entailed sitting all afternoon on Sundays watching soccer games.

 Which, don't get me wrong, was one of the best times of my life.   There's nothing like sitting in a lawn chair on a sunny summer afternoon, chatting with other parents and watching your children have fun.  

However, it took a lot of time, and was a good excuse to not make dinner.   Instead, we'd have ice cream for supper.   Almost every Sunday night during the summer.  Thus started the tradition of "Ice Cream for Supper Sundays".

Now Hubby and I moved into this new house, and one of the more exciting elements is that its within walking distance of this place:

Yes, our favorite ice cream place.  They have the most delicious favorite is usually "Moose Tracks".   

Last night, Hubby and I walked over to have "Sunday Night Ice Cream for Supper".    We've resisted taking advantage of the close proximity because, let's face it, Ice Cream for Supper every Sunday night is not good at our age.

But once in a while, it's good for a treat, right?

"Totally Turtle" for me this time.

"Maine Black Bear" for Hubby.

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