Monday, July 18, 2011

Pizza on the Grill

I saw this Pizza on the Grill on the blog of my friend, Joan.   At first I was skeptical, then figured why  not give it a try?   

So here's how it went.

Gotta do a little prep work first.

Sautee the chunks of chicken:

Slice the tomatoes thin.
Joan makes her own dough in her breadmaker, using olive oil rather than regular oil, but I couldn't do that and still cook the pizza while it was still light out, so I bought pizza dough at the supermarket.
You'll also need some crushed garlic, sliced black olives, alfredo sauce, parmesan cheese, feta cheese and some organo.

You can mix the parmesan cheese and garlic into the dough.  I didn't think that would work very well with pre-made dough, so I chose to put the parmesan and garlic on afterwards. Then you  want to roll out the pizza dough, spray some Pam on a piece of tinfoil and put it on the grill.   I figured out that I should have made two to four smaller pizzas insead of one large one.   It wasn't easy to move the dough on and off the grill.   The Pam spray was genius, however, as the dough didn't stick to the tinfoil at all.

Let the dough cook in the closed grill until the underside is light brown.   Relax with a cool always makes the food taste better.

When the underside is light brown, take the dough off the grill, paint it with olive oil and flip the dough over.   It wasn't until I was putting the Alfredo sauce on that I realized that I had forgotten to flip the dough over!!   You are supposed to do that so the other side will cook.   Oops.   Too late.  Have to soldier on.   Add your sauce, chicken, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and garlic.

Cook with the cover down for as long as it takes to brown the bottom of the dough.   In my case, because I forgot to flip it, I let it go a bit longer and the dough was pretty dark.  I like it like that, but thought Hubby might object.

Despite how it looks, it was absolutely delicious!

I asked Hubby for some "constructive criticism" and he said he wouldn't change a thing!  He thinks I should "forget to flip it" next time too!   This will certainly not be the last time I make this recipe!!


Joan J said...

Well, YAY! (Wiping beads of sweat from brow.) I always get nervous when I hear someone is trying a recipe of mine -- especially when I gave you such a vague recipe. Glad it came out good for you, and glad Tag liked it!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh my gosh! This looks AmaZinG!! Almost makes me wish I wasn't vegetarian.. :-)