Friday, April 15, 2011

Wendy and Allan's Wedding Shower

Some of the magnificent munchies

The centerpieces from hell.  The heat of the candle actually melted the ribbon until it fell off.  Then if you bumped it, the cold water sloshed against the hot glass and cracked it.  Next time, a friggin' flower in a bud vase or a votive candle is all I'm going to do.

Pretty as a picture

Wendy and Allan open gifts.

Lots of friends came.

Noah helped opening the gifts.

He loved the new vacuum.

Plenty of guests.

Wendy, her sister Tracy, her sister Melissa, Noah peeking from behind, and Allan trying to hide.

Wendy's mother Madeline, Melissa, Wendy, Tracy and Wendy's brother Kenny.

Noah provided the entertainment.

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