Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People are Scum

I recently entered into the world of EBay to help my Dad out with selling a few items he had in his house.

One item was a Royal Doulton figurine of a dog holding a bird.   Pretty ugly in my estimation, but some people collect these things, so we put it up on EBay.

Luckily, somebody liked it enough to pay $81 for it.   The person is from Florida - I live in NH - so she paid me through Paypal and the very next day my Dad mailed the item to Florida.   Case closed, right?

Wrong.  This weekend, a full month after the item was mailed, I got a note through Ebay from the buyer saying she never received the item.

Luckily, Dad had insured it, and was able to go to the post office and they could track the exact time and date the item was delivered to the woman's house.

I sent the woman a note back saying we had the receipt, we could prove it was delivered, and that now it was her responsibility to find out what happened to it.  It was a good try, on her part, to get her money AND the item.  

Hopefully, it's checkmate with the insurance receipt.

I let my Dad know, and I told him I bet we never hear from this woman again.   We'll see.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Well...it's a good thing he did get paid! People will try anything once..very smart to insure and have the receipt!

Joan J said...

You know I'm a pro at Ebay - sold on there for many, many years. ALWAYS ask the post office for a Delivery Confirmation - comes free with priority mail, but if you're not shipping priority, then ask for one. Even when insured, you have no proof the item was delivered. On items over $100 I always used a "Return Reciept" so I had physical proof the item was delivered. Sounds like you're doing great on Ebay! Good luck!