Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Photos

Last Thanksgiving, my Dad brought out old slides that he had of our family when we were kids.   We had a wonderful time viewing them.  Dad decided to have them made into a DVD and gave us each a copy.  

And I thought I'd share some of them with you.

My Dad, Mom and my older brother Steve @1959.   Love Mom's glasses.

My Mom and Dad with my sister Chris on the occasion of her First Communion.  Check out Dad's buzz cut with the white swatch of hair.

My two Grandmothers.....Memere Frechette and Memere Bergeron with my younger brother John.

This is me, my brother Steve, my sister Chris and my brother John @1969.   Can you tell that my Mom cut my sister's and my bangs?

The cool, "Brady bunch-style" group one Easter, early 1970's.   Don't know what's going on with the "Hitler" hairstyle on my baby brother.   I, of course, am very cool with my Marsha Brady look.

Cute little me with my babydoll.   Guess it was inevitable that I'd go into Child Care, although I never fed a real baby that way.

Wow!  Mom and her kids......aren't we a happy group?

Me and a few of my cousins on the occasion of my brother Steve's  First Confirmation.   Believe me, he never looked that holy again in his whole life.   Gotta love my look....I'm standing right beside Steve. 


Debbie said...

Love your photos! There's nothing like old family photos.
Now, Karen, we've been friends long enough that I'm going to be honest with you about something. I am too old to read the font on that dark background! I do love the color combo and new look but thought you might want to consider a lighter background if you have more older readers than just me:)

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Those are the BEST photos! Truly an all-American family if ever I did see one! Looks like scenes from an old TV show! What an adorable "rememberie"!