Saturday, April 30, 2011

House Hunting

Surprisingly, shockingly, we put our condo on the market and it sold in less than a month.  OMG!!
First off, I never expected to get an offer.   Secondly, I never expected an offer we could live with.   We're selling it for less than I bought it's more than we owe on it.   We won't make a killing on it, but it's sold and that in itself is a miracle.

Now for the hard part, which is finding a house.   A house that we can afford.   Now THAT would be a miracle!

I have three basic criteria.   I need a kitchen/living room/dining area big enough to have more than 3 or 4 guests over at a time.  I need ample storage for all Hubby's "things".   And I need a yard to hang out and BBQ in where no one will steal our grill and lawn chairs.

Is that too much to ask?  Perhaps it is.

I've scoured the online listings.   Anything that is decent and in our price range is part of a "short sale"  which our real estate agent informed  us could take 3-6 months.  The person buying our condo wants to close on June 23.   So a short sale probably won't work for us.

We really don't want to purchase a condo/condex/townhouse because I refuse to get stuck paying condo fees.  Plus the yard would not be private.  And you don't know who you would be living with.  Even the little house situated in the 55+ community had a fee, which added to the mortgage and taxes, would put it out of our price range.

So.........we continue to look and hopefully find something soon.  If you know of a place under 150K in the Salem/Windham/Pelham/Hampstead area.....let me know.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hey..that's great taht it sold so fast..and scary that you now have a deadline, huh?! Wow..good luck! They say this is a buyer's market, so maybe......

Anonymous said...

As I think I blogged, our house sold before it went on the market...thank goodness we didn't have to buy something on the other end. Best of luck finding a new place!