Monday, May 31, 2010

The Polar Caves and Lost River

Hubby and I live in Southern New Hampshire, right at the base of the Beautiful White Mountains. We don't take advantage of this fact enough. So since we both had the three-day weekend off, we decided we should head up north and visit a couple of the attractions. The first one we visited was the Polar Caves. Neither one of us had ever been there. We kind of thought we'd be walking through some caves and looking at stalagmites and stuff. But we were wrong. It was an intricate system of caves that we had to climb and crawl through. This one was called the Needle's Eye.
The scenery was unbelievably beautiful.
We found out there is a "Lemon Squeeze" at both places. As you can tell by the sign, it's a tight fit. I took this picture for my Dad cause he loves the story of my sister when we were young. We'd gone to Lost River and she went through the Lemon Squeeze and came out with her tube top around her waist! I did NOT attempt to go through the Lemon Squeeze.
You really did have to 'bear crawl' to go through the Bear Crawl.
Almost every cave had the sign to "keep your head low".
We didn't take the camera into Lost River because the batteries were dying anyway, but it was pretty much the same thing. The idea of "lost river" is that it's partly underground so you have to go down into caves to see it sometimes. You walk along a boardwalk and there's places to go down and see the river. I only skipped one or two, including the Lemon Squeeze!
It was an absolutely wonderful time. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for hiking around caves and "spelunking".
Today is our designated day of rest and relaxation. Thank God, cause my body sure does need it!


The Boob Nazi said...

That looks like so much fun!

Together We Save said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Isn't it funny how we never seem to find the activities in our own town as fun as in other towns.

Bahston Beans said...

That looks great. A definite add to the to-do list!