Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh the JOYS of car shopping

Is there anything more fraught with anxiety than car shopping? No matter what, you always feel like you're getting ripped off. Hubby's current car is a (forgive me, Hubby) big piece of junk. (no need to comment, sweetheart - I know what you're going to say).

He bought it when we first got married for $500, put another $500 in to make it pass inpection and has managed to keep it running for almost 4 years.

I hate his car. It's rattly, and cranky and it's hard to open the doors. The paint is all flaking and it's all dented and beat up. You need a special key to open the trunk cause it's all smashed in.

And Hubby loves it! He wants to put the $1000 or so into it to make it pass inspection. Even his garage mechanic said he should, "Give up the ghost".

So we went on Craigslist to look for a car. Here are some actual listings:

I am selling a white 96' oldmobile Cutlass Cerria. 6 cylinder. For parts, repair, scrap, etc. I has a leak in the fuel line. body root mainly at rocker panels, stricky gas pedal. it will probally need brakes as well. the car will need to be put on a dolly and towed away. I have the keys and title in hand. Price is 150.00 obo. I want this car gone!

Of course he wants it gone!!

1996 Ford Explorer Xlt 160,000 miles 2 new tires automatic Needs: barttery 2 Tires, windshield Rust underneath doors Brakes are gone and the front passenger Side has locked up and not sure what is wrong. needs to be towed cannot be driven with no brakes unless you live close enough

Unless I live close enough????? Although.........with 2 new tires...........

We did find some possibilities today. We'll be back out at it tomorrow.

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

I couldn't agree more...about car shopping. It's a miserable experience. ALWAYS!