Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Must I beg?

All I want is a salad. A salad from the salad bar. Sure....it'd be great if I went out and spent $30 on ingredients to make the kind of salad I want. But then I'd make the one magnificent salad and the rest of the veggies would rot in my fridge. So I like to go to the salad bar. There's a Shaw's right across the street, and every once in a while when Hubby is out for the night and I'm not making dinner, I indulge in a salad bar for dinner. Now you might think eating salad is a good thing. Not the way I make a salad from a salad bar. Sure...I start out with a modicum of greens, some tomatoes and mushrooms and cucumbers. Even some carrots. But then comes the good stuff. The chopped dried fruit, the nuts, the cheeses (plural - after all, there is grated cheese and feta), the salami, the pieces of chicken, olives, etc. Those ingredients are the ones that make going to the salad bar worthwhile. Last year, I had to email Shaw's to let them know their salad bar was going downhill. There was no dried fruit, no nuts. And they responded to my email and the salad bar improved. I haven't been to the salad bar in a while. I don't know why. But tonight it's hot and I just don't want to cook. So I drove over to Shaw's after work. And I was soooooooo disappointed. Almost half the salad bar had prepared salads in it. Little plastic boxes with pre-made salads. Apparently for people who can't make a decision. Or maybe we, as a society, have just gotten so lazy we can't even put a salad together when everything is cut up and laid out for us. Whatever the reason, the salad bar was sad. Of course, they chose to remove all the good stuff to make room for the pre-made salads. There was only the basic greens, tomatoes and cucumbers. I was so disgusted I left without making a salad. Which left me with no supper. The chip crumbs from the bottom of the bag and the goldfish crackers probably don't count. Maybe Hubby will make me some popcorn when he gets home.

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Me (aka Danielle) said...

I love a good salad bar! Yummee! Sorry this one was a disappointment.