Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's drive for four hours to hike for 45 minutes

This weekend was hot. The weathermen said it was going to be hot, and was!
Saturday Hubby and I both worked in the morning. I had decided that if I paid the piper on Saturday, we could play on Sunday.
So I did all the wifely and shopping and laundry. We did buy another grill (#3) and got some yummy steaks and cooked out.
This way, I figured we'd be able to just go and have fun on Sunday.
We had just enough money left on the gift certificates the kids gave us for Christmas to go to Parker's one more time for free.
Since it was going to be so nice out, I looked up State Parks near Mason, NH, which is where Parker's is, and figured we could go hiking after breakfast.
The place I chose was Chesterfield Gorge Natural Area. This park was over an hour further west from Parker's.
It was a really pretty park with a nice hike down into the gorge and then back up.
It was so hot out, Hubby relaxed by the water while I took off my shoes and stuck my feet in. If I'd had a bathing suit on, I would have gone swimming!

The only problem was.....that's all there was. The hike down and then back up. Which took all of 45 minutes. Then we got in the car and drove home for 2 hours.

I didn't plan that one out very well, did I?

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The Boob Nazi said...

It looks like a beautiful hike though!