Friday, April 30, 2010

So much stuff

* We had a good night of music last night. It was open mic at the Bull Run. Each person got three songs. Hubby and I did our usual "wait until the last minute" and didn't practice, so we decided to choose some cover songs instead of doing our originals. And we disappointed people. Apparently, people like hearing your originals. And our friend Rick told us on the way home that we should always please the crowd, even if we think we've sung our songs too often. Lesson learned. * We're going out again tonight to hear music. Our good friends John, Betsi and Jon are playing at the Java Room. One of our favorite venues, and one of our favorite groups to listen to. * Jamie was supposed to have a football game on Saturday and it was cancelled. The other team forfeited....they don't have enough players. Figures. It's supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday. And this will be the second week with no game. Last week was a bye week. We're having football withdrawals. * I had my yearly physical yesterday. All the usual. I still have to go for the bloodwork. I'm curious to find out how my cholesterol is doing. It's been on the high side, and I've been trying to get it down by eating fat-free everything. * I finally talked to the doctor about my insomnia. I've had it for many years, and always just dealt with it cause I hate taking medicine. But the older you get, the harder it is to bounce back. So she gave me some samples of Lunesta. I'm going to try it Saturday night....that way if it makes me a zombie I will be able to sleep in on Sunday. * Since the weatherman says it's supposed to be a nice weekend, we figure on Sunday we'll go to Parker's for breakfast, then find someplace out that way to hike. It's in the south-central part of New Hampshire, if anyone has any suggestions.

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