Monday, April 26, 2010

So happy with my Hubby

Let me just say I have the most wonderful Hubby in all the world.
This weekend, he went with me on Friday night to visit my (our) grand-daughter.
He went with me to visit my brother on Saturday. On Sunday, he played piano beautifully at the Java Room......
ok - he did not wear a Santa hat at the Java Room this week....this pic is from Christmastime.
Then accompanied me to visit my father. The two of them went right along with going out to Larry's Clam Shack for supper.
And tonight, he made me some shrimp and vegetable tempura - cause we'd tried it in a restaurant in Montreal and I really liked it.
Aren't I a lucky girl?


Anonymous said...

Lucky in so many ways...I love hearing about happy marriages!

tag vennard said...

dont forget it only takes ONE "oops" to wipe out all these good days of good hubby-ness!
i love you baby!
you're the best wife ever!