Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Damn those lawyers.

One of the results of our little escapade in New Jersey was that I had to get a police report to send in with my claim for new tires from the State of New Jersey. The police officer had given us a slip of paper with our "case number" on it and the phone number to call. We were instructed to wait until Wednesday and then call and request our report. It said right on the piece of paper that it would cost 75 cents per page. On Wednesday I called and got the most unemotional female police officer I've ever heard. Me: "Hi there. I'd like to request a police report." Her: "Number?: Me: "Number 123456" Her: "Send a check for $5.75 and a SASE and we'll mail it out." Me: "5 dollars? I thought it was 75 cents per page?" Her: "Send a check for $5.75 and a SASE and we'll mail it out." (In a totally deadpan and robotic voice) Me: "Okay......can you fax it to me?" Her: "No." Okayyyyyyyyyyy I mailed the check for $5.75 and the SASE the next day. Yesterday in the mail we received two big envelopes. One was for me and one for my hubby. They had the name of a lawyer's office on them. I opened them with a bit of trepidation. The letter started, "You may have been injured in your recent motor vehicle accident........." And included, for our information, were copies of our police report! If I'd only waited another day or two, I could have had skipped the whole $5.75 and the SASE thing and had them for free.

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Debbie said...

This sort of thing seems to happen to me all the time! I do feel for you. Oh, the injustice!