Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Else Did We Do In Nashville?

On our last day in Nashville, we took a Trolley Tour.  We drove past the Country Music Hall of Fame.......this shows the "piano key windows" much more clearly.

We visited the Johnny Cash Museum.......very interesting life that man led.

We went into several different establishments to listen to music.

Oh that's right....Legends and my friend Lefty.....told ya about that photo from the rear............

We got to visit Antique Archaeology.....home of "American Pickers"  -  the TV show

They had it all decorated for Halloween and had live music.

Lauren is the manager of the Picker's Nashville store.  She's been on a couple episodes of the show.   Unfortunately, Frank, Mike and Danielle were not around.

We got free tickets into the Parthenon with our Trolley Tour.  Kind of glad we didn't pay for tickets....this was not that interesting.

The food was so good at Puckett's when we went there for breakfast we decided to have dinner there as well.    We figured GS Picard would love this poster in their window.

We just happened to stumble upon iconic "Printers Alley" in our ramble around town.  

It's really just another street full of restaurants, bars and live music.

We finally found Hubby just the perfect cowboy hat!  I think it looks great on him!

What?? Back to Legends AGAIN?    All the places down there were covered with memorabilia. 

After four crazy days, we left Nashville and headed off to Memphis.   On the far left of this photo, you can see the AT and T building, affectionately known in Nashville as the "Batman" building.

Next:  Graceland

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