Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge Music Center

The rain we experienced coming out of Natural Bridge cleared out but the fog did not:

We took a little hike in the woods and Hubby found the perfect rock for our rock wall.  Yep, we put it in the trunk and took it home!

A little village that used the be the home of a mid-wife who delivered over 1000 babies in her lifetime.

Our stop for the day was at the Blue Ridge Music Center.  They boast that someone is playing on the porch every single day.  These two old gentleman played some classic folk songs while we sat in rockers to listen to them.

Hubby wanted to take a photo so it looked like he was playing a concert on the stage.  Here Hubby runs to try to get into the photo.

Then I gave it a shot......not quite!

Finally....the two of us made it!

There was a very pretty little folk museum inside.

Driving down the Parkway

We spent the night at a little inn in Blowing Rock, SC  What a cute little town with a very beautifully landscaped downtown area.  Very homey and comfortable.

When we walked downtown we saw Barney Fifes police car!

And a special little place just for Gail Finnie

For dinner that night we ate at Six Pence authentic English Pub.  Hubby had Shepard's Pie and I had Bangers and Mash.  Delicious!  We then went and bought fudge and ice cream at Kilwin's.

The next morning we went to the Village Cafe for breakfast.  This turned out to be a little gem of a place....a couple hundred years old with a nice fireplace inside and absolutely delicious food.

Next:  Mt. Mitchell, waterfalls and the end of Blue Ridge Parkway

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