Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway and Natural Bridge

At the end of Skyline Drive, it continues on into Blue Ridge Parkway.   Both roads are beautiful and scenic, although I thought Skyline Drive had more overlooks and viewing areas.  

We took a small hike in the morning........

You can't get away from the beautiful views

About halfway through our day, we stopped at Natural Bridge.   This is another natural phenomenon that they've unfortunately turned into a tourist attraction.  The bridge itself is really cool:

You can see the size of it compared with Tag

 There's a very pretty walkway leading to a waterfall.....the day was gorgeous and sunny:

We also got a chance to sit and relax along the little stream that ran along the path:

In the evening they put on a light show and a production of the Creation of the Earth.   It started raining late in the day, so we had to pass on the light show.

As we were leaving Natural Bridge, the first of our miracles happened.  We had been sitting on a bench right outside the entrance eating our lunch.  When we got into the car, for no good reason I checked to see if my phone was in my little purse, and it wasn't.  We got back out of the car and checked under the bench and my phone was right there.  I normally wouldn't have checked for the phone - and we would have driven hours away before realizing it was missing.

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