Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Virginia Safari

While we were in Natural Bridge, we visited the Virginia Safari.  I must say........I have not laughed that hard in a very long time!   It's a drive-through safari and we went  despite the fact that we had a rental car. (didn't really think about that until after.......luckily the animals were not violent....just very impolite!)

Tag took a video because I was laughing so hard.  Unfortunately, our camera was doing some pretty weird things so the video came out at warp speed.   Also, you'll notice on the photos that we had the camera on some sort of weird setting so the pictures came out weird....but you'll get the idea anyway.

Naturally, the minute you drove in the animals came right up to the car.  They know there's food involved!  They'd given us a bucket of feed, and the trick was to open the window JUST enough to let them eat....but not so much that they could fit their heads inside the car!!

I did end out with a lot of feed all over the inside of the car from trying to get the bucket back while the animal wanted to keep eating!

The Llamas were the most aggressive.....

But the emus came right up and pecked on the windows!

This, to me, was the funniest part  - when I'd roll up the window and we'd creep away slowly....the Llamas would try to keep up with the their heads would stay level with the window and bob up and down as they ran!

"Stay in your Car" shit!

Tag took a turn but wasn't really thrilled with the idea....he likes his fingers right where they are!

Thankfully the Bison weren't really interested

And neither was this giant deer!

The Camels were behind a fence but you could drive up close enough to feed them.  Their sign said, "Caution...we will eat the bucket...but don't let that stop you from feeding us!"    And sure enough, when there was only a little feed left I gave the camel the bucket and he chewed it to bits!

There were tons of deer....this guy looks like the King of the Forest

They said we couldn't feed the zebra....but that didn't stop this guy from sticking his whole head into the car when I went to pat him!  Boy! They sure have big heads!

It was no trouble to feed these sweet little babies.

There was a small zoo beside the safari that you could go through as well.

This kangaroo has a big joey in her pouch!

There was an area where you could walk through the kangaroos and pat them.  This one let us pat her, even though she has a tiny joey peeking out.   Later on, I approached a different kangaroo and he stood right up on his hind legs like he wanted to box with me!  See ya!!!!!

There was a tall platform where you could stand so the giraffes could come over and eat, but these guys wouldn't come closer.

I'm sure he'd have eaten whatever we had....but we had nothing left.

This was absolutely the most hilarious time I've ever experienced.   If you ever get a chance to go through a safari....don't hesitate!

Next: more  Blue Ridge Parkway and the Blue Ridge Music Center

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Joan J said...

Getting caught up on my reading of your "trip of a lifetime"(!) Just FYI, you northern thing you - those are Elk, not big deer. It's OK. Yankee mistake ;) Love ya!!!