Sunday, October 19, 2014

Luray Caverns

Our first attraction stop on our trip was at Luray Caverns in Virginia.   I'd heard a lot about them but never seen them.  The pictures certainly don't do them justice, but here are some of the most impressive ones:

The place was massive...hard to believe it's all there under the earth.

They did a great job of lighting it.

The reflections off the water were truly was hard to tell you were looking 
at water and not a mirror image.

They refer to these as teeth!

They brought a full organ down into the caverns, and it could be played.  But when you hit a key on the piano, it was set up so the hammer hit a Stalactite that made that particular sound.  They tried out 3800 Stalactites to find the right notes to play "A Mighty Fortress is our God."

Tag's listening intently....wondering if they might let him play the organ?

After the tour of the caverns, we went to check out some of the other attractions they had nearby.  Most of the "natural" attractions we saw were enhanced by other, man-made attractions......little extra cash in their pockets I guess.

They had made a maze outside at the caverns and we tried it out.  Good thing for all the clues or we'd still be in there!

Next:  More Skyline Drive,  hiking and a fantastic sunset.

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Joan J said...

How fun would it have been to have Tag play that organ? LOL Beautiful pics.