Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Not Valentine's Day

There are those who say Valentine's Day is a waste of time, that it's a made-up holiday for the greeting card companies, and that those who are really in love do not need a special day to profess it, that they should declare their love every day.'s not fair to those who don't have a special someone to share it with.

To all this I say.........Pshaw!

First of all,  ALL holidays are made up!   And sure, the greeting card companies and corporate greed has something to do with it.  But holidays were originally started so people could have some fun.  

Bored during the winter months and need something fun to look forward to?  Ta Da! Valentine's Day!

Hubby and I love each other every day of the year, and we show it.  But it's so cool to have a special day in the middle of the long, cold winter to look forward to.   Anticipation is great.   It's kept me in a state of glee for the past week, during snowstorm after snowstorm to know that Hubby and I are taking the day off for Valentine's Day and we're going out to spend some time together.  What else are we going to celebrate in the middle of winter?  Groundhog Day?

And your Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost a fortune.   Do something you love doing together.  For us, it means the Aquarium in Boston  (with library passes) and dinner across the street at Legal Seafoods (gift card from son Kenny!)    The most expensive thing for us for the day is the cost of taking the train.  (Just an added bonus to our day.....the journey is half the fun.)

Have no one to share it with so you don't get to celebrate?   Well not everyone gets to celebrate every holiday.  I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day (although I do lift a pint on Bastille Day ) and I don't celebrate Hannukah (even though I am an honorary Jew) or Kwanzaa.   But I don't resent those who do.   I'm glad everyone has something special to celebrate.

So if you have that special someone - celebrate it!   Enjoy the day no matter what.  And if you can't celebrate it, President's Day is coming up soon!

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R Cooper said...

I enjoy celebrating Groundhog Day. That's usually when the flamingos return and I know spring can't be far behind.