Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Happy Valentine's Day Adventure

Our Valentine tradition has continued on.  Hubby knows how much I love penguins, and how much I enjoy the Aquarium, so again this year we took the day off and headed into Boston.

We usually take the train, and did so again this year.  The only difference is we didn't want to miss our Friday Night Cafe, so we drove to Ayer and took the train from there.  That way the car was there when we got back, and it was an easy 10 minute drive to the Cafe.

We learned our lesson from several years ago, and I made darn sure it wasn't school vacation week.  Luckily, Valentine's Day fell on the Friday before.   When we got to the Aquarium, they did have the big tents up outside in anticipation of the throngs of people who will be visiting in the next two weeks.

We had our usual wonderful time watching the penguins, then making our way around to the other exhibits in the Aquarium.  Something that's fairly new is being able to "pat" the Rays and small Sharks.   That's fun!  And Hubby enjoyed his freakish seahorses that look like plants.

It was kind of interesting to see that there were many couples there enjoying Valentine's Day.  I thought I was the only one who thinks the Aquarium is romantic!

Lucky for us, son Kenny gave us a very nice gift card to Legal Seafoods, which is right across the street from the Aquarium.  (Hubby had a hard time with the weirdness of eating fish right after we admired all the fish.......but  he got over it!)    We enjoyed a very nice dinner, then headed back to North Station to get the train back to Ayer.

Our night at the Cafe was loads of fun, as always.   It was filled with Love Songs as most people got into the spirit of the day.   Hubby sang me a new love song he wrote just for me!   Sailor's Valentine.  It was wonderful!  He's such a romantic!

All in all, a very romantic, sweet and fun Valentine's Day.  Just what was needed in the middle of this long and endless Winter!

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