Friday, February 28, 2014

Fairy Village

My granddaughter Emily is growing so quickly!   She's 6 1/2 years old and full of the love of life.   She is smart, funny, beautiful and creative.   What more can I say?

She learned about making a diorama in a shoe box, and with the help of her Nana, started making a "Fairy Village" with any kind of box she could get her hands whatever scraps, bits and pieces and doo-dads she could find.  

Last time we went to her house, her Fairy Village was spread out all over her bedroom floor.  She took us on a tour of the village, explaining what each little Fairy house was for, and telling us all about Fairies.   It was enchanting!

This time when we visited Emily's Mom had decreed that the Fairy Village needed to be moved for cleaning purposes, so all the little Fairy houses were being stored inside the big wooden house that Pepere and I had helped her paint a couple of years ago.

Emily just loves her Fairy Village!

She explained what each little piece was for

There was even a Fairy Garden

And of course the outside had to be decorated as well.

I think her addiction to Fairies began with the Tooth Fairy.   She's at the adorable stage in her life where she's lost her front teeth!

She laughs about it....."I can't even say 'Thairies'!

And her joie de vivre shows through.   I was trying to take a picture of her very sparkly pink room:

You gotta love her!

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