Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kill the Crankies!

I've been a tad cranky this past week.  I think most people have been, which doesn't help the situation.  Crankiness breeds more crankiness.   It's been a tough winter, and I've been dragging ass both mentally and physically.  

And then, like a gift from heaven, they were predicting warm weather and sunshine for Saturday.   I didn't believe it of course.  Why would I?  Those weather guys get it wrong at least half the time.

But lo and behold, I woke up Saturday morning to bright sunshine coming through the blinds. And when I checked the thermometer it said 41 degrees outside!   At 8:30 am!

But.....I had things to do.   I wanted to finish sewing the pillows I was making for my daughter.  I am working on renovating the walls in our hallway.   I needed to get to Home Cheapo for some more supplies.   And of course, there was a nice big pile of laundry to do.

So I set about doing my tasks........for about an hour.   And then I couldn't stand it.  What was I, crazy?  This day was a gift and I was being an idiot for not accepting it.   So I informed Hubby that within another hour, we were going out. I didn't know where, but we were not staying inside.

Naturally, we ended out at the beach.  Our favorite place no matter what time of year.   We went to Salisbury Reservation where we were married.  (The scene of the crime, as Hubby likes to call it.)  The entrance driveway was lined with cars because apparently people were trying to see a Snowy Owl.  We continued on to the parking lot and it was packed!!   There was only one wide lane plowed so there weren't many parking spaces, but we grabbed one and were on our way.

There were some crazy people flying what I can only describe as parachutes with snowboards attached to them.   In the water.   Crazy, but fun to watch.

We walked on the beach for a ways and it was glorious!!! Sunny, windy and beautiful.  The ocean feeds my soul, and calms me.  And spending time with my Hubby does the same.

We got back in the car and drove up the coast, finally getting as far as Ordione Point.  We got out to walk there and laughed our way through as we stepped in deep pockets of snow up to our knees.  We stood on a stone wall and watched the waves hit the rocks, and then walked along the wall to get back.

I rode home with bare feet, as my boots and socks were soaked from sinking into the wet snow.  But it was well worth it.   The crankiness has been driven out of me.....for the time being.   They are predicting another blast of polar air this week. But  I'll try to let the memory of our Saturday Beach Day linger to keep me calm.

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tag vennard said...

Dont forget your delicious home-made hawaiian pizza for supper! that helps kill the crankies! love ya babe