Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Living in New England, I am no stranger to snow.   Some years we make out pretty well and have a nice mild winter.  Not so much this year.

By this time in the winter......Mid-February.........everyone is just about at wit's end with the snow.  This year has been particularly trying with many small snow storms.  I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have one giant snowstorm and get it over with?   It seems like every other day we are facing slippery roads and hours of shoveling.

Even the hardiest snow-lovers have had enough.  I don't usually mind the can be fun after all.   But most people just want the winter to be over by  now.  We have people coming into the office now just saying, "Please find me someplace warm to go."   And I had someone ask for the "Poor Man's Getaway"...... a local hotel with an indoor pool and a game room to go and spend the weekend with his wife and kids. I want to bet they're going to pretend they're lying on a beach somewhere.

So what are we to do?   Unfortunately, for all the griping we do, there's not much we can do about it.  Mother Nature has a mind of her own and we can't change a thing.   We just have to believe that a few weeks from now, we'll be watching all that snow melt.   We're actually hearing that we might have some warmer weather.....40 degrees!....this weekend.  

In the meantime we can at least admire the beauty of the new snow on a bright but cold sunny morning.

Our backyard tree that gives us beautiful shade in the summer is covered with snow.

Three gigantic Christmas trees!

Our picnic tables...and where's the fire pit?  So much for a winter campfire!

Guess we didn't really need that fence

Gigantic icicle on our front porch

View out my front window....check out the snow piles at the end of the walkway

The sun peeking through the tree out front.   A couple hours later the clouds rolled in and we had another 3 inches of snow

Our shrubs have disappeared

The house does look beautiful in its winter snow coat

It's been tough to keep the driveway shoveled.  Those piles on the ends of the driveway are now to high for me to throw the snow over.

Haven't seen this much snow in a long time

I guess it does make for beautiful pictures!


Nancy Beaudette - Creative Services said...

Ya, that's a heck of a lot of snow! You've got the right attitude - "grin and bear it", spring's around the corner! I'm counting the minutes!

Joan J said...

Beautiful photos. Your house looks right at home in all that New England snow. I do remember the year Jeff had to go out and shovel back the snowbanks before the next round of snow hit! They say all this snow and cold, cold temps will make for less bugs this year. So here's crossing my fingers on that one.