Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holiday Finale

Our Holiday Partying did not end with Christmas Day.   In order to fit in all the revelry we wanted, we  had to extend the holiday season another week!

On the Saturday evening after Christmas we hosted Hubby's kids for a Christmas dinner.   Sadly, Kenny's fiance Matthew was traveling so he couldn't attend, but we were happy to have Kenny and Wendy, her husband Allan, and our two grandkids Noah and Elsie.

Our Holiday Meal was ham and Kenny's favorite mashed potatoes.

Noah checks out Kenny's gift

Hubby always enjoys playing Christmas songs

Noah got the biggest kick out of my musical snowmen.  He lined them all up and danced to them.  He even went back to them after he opened up his new Hess truck from Grampy!

Elsie insisted upon immediately putting on the new top Memere got for her.

Noah dancing some more

Elsie really liked the lights and ornaments on our tree.

Sunday brought the Patriot's game with dinner and visiting at my brother John's house.  Patriots won and they are off to the playoffs!!!

On New Year's Eve Hubby and I rarely go out.   It's usually sitting on the couch watching the ball drop.  This year we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse  (thanks for the gift card Noah and Elsie) and then went to the movies......we saw "Saving Mr. Banks"  which was a very interesting story.  We were  home in time to be snug in our bed at midnight.

New Year's Day I did my usual taking down of the Christmas decorations (much to Hubby's chagrrin....he'd keep the tree up until Valentine's Day if I let him)  and I put the house back in order.

As a grand finale Hubby and I will be attending his work's "Winter Gathering" tonight at the Holiday Inn.   Open bar, dinner buffet, and discounted hotel room.    It'll be a nice relaxing and easy getaway for us!

And the holidays will finally be over.

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elizasmom said...

Looks like you had a lovely extended Christmas — and I love that rainbow top! So adorable, both shirt and the girlie wearing it!