Monday, January 13, 2014

Marginal Way!

Hubby and I both love the beach.....and we both love to go in the off-season.   It's so much nicer without people there!   In the past few years, we've gone on New Year's Day. This year, it was quite frigid out on New Year's so we put off going until the weather "warmed up".   It was a balmy 45 degrees out, but we still knew enough to get bundled up!

The adventure started out right for Hubby since he's a little kid at heart!  The firetruck was squirting water up into the air!! whoohooo!!

The wave were huge......the spray created a couple of rainbows.

These crazy people were surfing! There were about 15 of them.

Love it when the waves hit the rocks

Most of the path was pretty clear.....we did have to navigate some icy spots.

And a little bit of this towards the end

A great way to spend the January Thaw!

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Theresa Adkins said...

I go every year i love it in the spot where all the small rocks are they sound like rice crisp cereal when the waves go out. i love Maine in the winter it is so peaceful.