Thursday, January 30, 2014

Party Time!

This past Sunday we celebrated our little Elsie's 2nd Birthday.  Wow! Time sure flies!   The party was at Chuck E. Cheese, which I have to admit is  not my favorite place.  Too Loud.  Too Crazy.  Too Out-of-Control.   But it was fun to spend some time with Elsie and see her enjoy all the little rides and games.

Elsie and her beautiful Mom, Wendy

Playing air hockey with her Daddy

Noah manned the other end of the table

Matthew and Kenny looking a bit out of their element

Elsie anxiously awaiting tokens.  I'm pretty sure she just reached up and grabbed a handful because she just couldn't wait any longer!  She knew just what to do with them too!

Noah found a friend to play games with.

A great photo of Noah, Elsie and their Daddy

Daddy helps Elsie cut the cake.  The cake was decorated to resemble the colors of Minnie Mouse, Elsie's favorite character.

I made Elsie a stuffed bunny....she loved her!

She loved all the rides.  She had to stay on each ride at least three or four times.

She knows you're supposed to throw the balls and try to get them in the lion's mouth, but she couldn't quite make them reach.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

It was so cute that she had to wave bye-bye as each ride started.

Happy Birthday my sweet grand baby!

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