Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas so far has been so much fun!   As usual, we spread it out over several days.....we actually still have a couple of parties to go!

It started with going to the Java Room on Thursday night to listen to my Hubby, Betsi Mandrioli and Trude Witham perform an evening of Christmas tunes.  Betsi said it best....."Just sit back and let all your worries go and just enjoy the music and the fun".   And we did!

Friday night was back to the Java Room to listen to music again...this time with Jon Swensen, John Ferullo and Betsi Mandrioli.   Again....a nice, easy relaxing night of music.

Saturday was the Vennard Family Christmas.   Naturally we forgot the camera, but lucky for us, Tag's brother Paul took a couple of photos.

This is actually the whole family.  Tag's niece Mandi and her wife Britt were here from Texas, and all the other kids and grandkids were in attendance.  (A Christmas Miracle!)

It was great fun to have little children running around.  I had the good fortune to be holding Elsie on my lap while she unwrapped her gifts.  She was much more excited about ripping the paper than anything else!  And after she was done, she went over to the tree and played with the ornaments, and threw all the wrapping paper around.

Next up on Sunday morning was brunch with my kids.   We have two little granddaughters now on that side of the family, which made it twice the fun!
Emily practices her new reading skills on Audrey.  Audrey was very appreciative!

Jamie and Emmy have some fun time together.

Kara gets to spend some time with Audrey

Memere eating Audrey's fingers

Nick being goofy

Had to laugh at the size of Audrey compared to her Dad and Uncle

Audrey smiles for the camera

Jamie and Audrey chill out with the piano from Pepere

And Sunday night we had a dinner party with some amazing friends.  Jon and Janice Swensen were here from Pennsylvania, so we invited them and some other musical friends to join us.....   Pat and Bob, Rick and Kate and John and Jan.     I asked for us not to bring guitars or have a reasoning being  that we see each other a lot, but never get a chance to talk because we are usually at an open mic or show.   We sat around the table for 3 hours or so, eating, laughing and enjoying each others' company.  It was awesome!!!

This year was the first year Hubby and I had Christmas Eve alone.   We chilled out, ordered in some Chinese food, and watched "It's A Wonderful Life".    Very, very nice!

And Christmas Day we went up to my Dad's house.  It was a quieter than usual Christmas, with some of the families visiting in-laws.  But it was a very enjoyable time where we go the chance to chat and visit and eat.

Elf Dad helps Santa Emma hand out the gifts

Dad and Marc

Emma's daughter made her a great new sign for her garden

Dad and Emma relax after the feast

Still coming up - Christmas party and Yankee Swap at the Acoustic Cafe Open Mic tonight, and Christmas with Hubby's kids tomorrow night!!

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Kate C. said...

And then, of course, the Pats game on Sunday. Life is good. Hey, that would make a good slogan, doncha think?