Sunday, December 8, 2013

My recipe for health...or at least avoiding illness

Somewhere along the way, I adopted a really good immune system.   I used to get all kinds of strep, bronchitis, etc.   Working with little kids will do that to you.   So I had to come up with some strategies for my defense.  I haven't had a bad cold or infection in about 8 years (I just KNOW I'm jinxing myself!)   So here's what I do:

1.  I believe the #1 defense against illness is FRESH AIR.    Everyone knows being around sick people is what makes you sick, and being in an enclosed space all winter with germs is an invitation to illness.   So.....
     A.  I sleep with my window open.  Just an inch or so, but enough to allow fresh air into my bedroom.
     B.  Pick a fairly mild day, turn down the heat in the house, and open all the windows for a 1/2 hour.
     C.  Get outside.  Walk.  Ski.  Sled.  Whatever.  Just get some fresh air into your lungs.

2.  Wash your hands with soap and water.   NOT hand sanitizer.  That stuff is completely useless.  Don't be obsessive about it, but think about washing your hands periodically throughout the day....especially when you come in contact with someone who is obviously sick.

3.  Use bleach and water to clean high-germ areas.   By which I mean...places people touch.  Nothing cleans like bleach.  Any spray cleaner is a waste of money.

4.  Take Echinacea.   It really does boost your immune system. I take it every day, year round.  It works.

5.  Use a netti pot.   As soon as I start to feel the slightest bit congested, I use the netti pot and clean out my sinuses.  It works.

6.  I take generic Claritin every day.   I tend to have allergies, and the Claritin keeps my sinuses clean.

7.  Use a humidifier.   Dry membranes invite germs.

8.  Along the same lines, stay hydrated.  It's good to keep everything nice and moist.

There you go.  My recipe for staying healthy.   It works for me.  Try might work for you too.


tag vennard said...

Thank you Doctor karen!

elizasmom said...

Totally agree with you on the fresh air and exercise — and the soap! I am a miserable failure at neti-potting though. All the water pours into my sinuses and then IT DOESN'T LEAVE. So painful...