Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

My friend Joan over at "How to be a Housewife" put up a Meme called Sunday Night Chit Chat.  It's a fun way to get to know a little bit about everyone else. 

What are you.......

Reading?  Right now I'm reading the newest book out by Danielle Steel.   The title is "Friends Forever".  It's about five friends who meet in kindergarten and are friends for the rest of their lives.  I'm about halfway through.  I have to say, I liked Danielle Steel's books much more when she first started writing.  There were a couple of her books that I literally read from cover to cover without stopping.  Her newer books seem less involved, less personal, and almost read like someone else wrote them!   I can't help getting them out of the library, though, in hopes that she'll publish one just as good as her older ones.

Watching?  I'm happy to say my favorites are starting up again for the fall.  I've been a "Survivor" fan since day one.  I absolutely love the social interactions.   And I saw the first episode of the season for "The Amazing Race" last night.   Also, in the past year, I've become a huge fan of "Big Bang Theory."   That show is just hilarious!

Listening to?  Mostly, I listen to local artists who have published their own CDs.  My favorites are "Cooper and Kenneally",   Tom Smith,  "Two Cat Folk"   and Jon Swenson.

Cooking/Baking?  I've been trying to find things to make with the plethora of tomatoes we are harvesting from our garden!   I've made salsa, tomato and mozzarrella salad, pizza, eggplant w/tomato and  some very yummy chili to eat while watching the football game.  (Go Patriots!)

Happy you accomplished this week?    I finished a couple of sewing projects, and finally got my garden bed ready for my English Garden.   I went on freecycle and asked for some perennials, and got such a response, I have buckets of perennials to plant after work tonight!

Looking forward to next week?    Hubby and I are taking our fall vacation to Vermont!  We'll be staying at a bed and breakfast in Quechee Gorge.  We plan to visit a couple of farms for their fall festivals, visit a couple of botanical gardens/art galleries, and go on a train ride up to Thetford, VT.  I can't wait!!!!

Thankful for today?  I'm so thankful for the wonderful and generous friends who've been donating to my walkathon.  I walk each year at the Making Strides walkathon in honor of my Mom, who passed away two years ago from cancer.   Each donation feels like a great big hug from the people I love!

*** Bonus Question***
What is the grossest thing you ever ate?   I have to say, I don't really eat gross things.  I guess I'm smart enough to avoid anything that might taste nasty!!!

Leave me a comment here if you post this meme on your blog so I can come snoop read it, but also head over to "How to be a Housewife"  and leave a link to your post.

Thanks for playing, and have a great First Day of October!

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