Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My English Garden

I've always wanted to have an English Garden.   I love the look of them.   Hubby pulled a huge shrub from the corner of our front yard, near the driveway.  It left a perfect-size area to put my garden.

Our plan had been to "steal" as many of the flowers as we could.   We see so many beautiful flowers along the highways and byways........brown-eyed susans, daisies, queen anne's lace.....we figured  we could just stop and put some in buckets we would conveniently keep in our car, and we'd replant them in the garden.....no one being the wiser.

But we waited a bit too long.  We can't see any flowers on the highways any more.  So, I got the bright idea to put an ad on Freecycle and see if anyone had perennials they wanted to get rid of.

And boy, did they!  I got about a half-dozen responses with long lists of flowers people were just dying to give me!  So I chose one person who was nearby and Hubby and I went over Sunday night.

Even this late in the year, I could see the beautiful extensive gardens this woman had.  She had already dug up dozens of flowers for me.   And we started putting them in the buckets we'd brought and putting them in the car.  

The woman was very knowledgable and told me the name and interesting facts about all the flowers she gave me.  Unfortunately, I don't rememeber most of what she said!  So I now have a garden with no idea what's planted in it!  

Of course, it doesn't look very sexy right now.  I do remember she told me not to cut back all the stems and leaves until they were dead.  So I have half-dead flower plants in the ground.   I guess it's going to be an interesting surprise to see what comes up next year!

With no idea what they are, I have idea how tall they get.  I tried to plant them based on how tall they look right now!  I'm sure there'll be some re-planting and rearranging next year when I see how this all looks.  

And tonight, I'm going to another person's house for some other flowers that she says she has available!  Oh my!

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Joan J said...

You might want to put up some kind of barrier on the road-side of the garden? If that road gets salted heavily it may leach into the garden area and kill your plants :( We had that happen here with shrubs placed too close to the road.