Monday, October 15, 2012

Riding the Rails

Our grandson Noah's birthday was last month, and our gift to him was a ride on a real train, since he is in love with all things train-ish.  

While awaiting the train, we were lucky enough to find some fun stuff to play with.

Old railroad signs were too exciting to pass up.

All Aboard!!

When he wasn't sitting with his nose glued to the window, commenting on everything he saw as we rode along, he was snuggling with Grampy.

And horsing around with Memere.

We disembarked in West Concord and
after stopping in at Pete and Betsi Mandrioli's store for a snack, we made our way to the toy store, where - how exciting!!! - they had a model train set up.

Another stop in the 5 and 10 (which, BTW, apprarently no longer stands for 5 and 10 CENTS) for a couple of cars to play with.....and then waiting for the pizza.

Hawaiin pizza.....a tradition for Noah and Grampy.

A little walk around, including a glimpse into the fire barn to look at the trucks.  Good thing the alarm didn't go off!

Waiting on the comes the train!

A tired but happy Noah on the way home.

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Joan J said...

What a wonderful day for that sweet boy. I love that you do this with your grandchildren. I think we may have to incorporate this! It's just too sweet to ignore.