Monday, October 29, 2012


Hubby and I are not avid Halloweenists.   We enjoy giving out candy, but we don't usually participate in the "dressing up and decorating" aspect of the holiday.

This year, we had two opportunities to enjoy some Halloween fun.   On Friday night, the open mic we attend had everyone dress in pajamas.  Most folks participated which made for an interesting evening.  Thank goodness no one wore their birthday suit, although several threatened to!

Saturday we attended a party - the first Halloween party we've ever attended together - at the home of some musical friends.   The criteria was you had to dress as a famous musician and then sing one of their songs. 

Hubby has long hair, and that "scrubby" look that made him a convincing Willie Nelson.   Two braids, a bandanna and some ripped jeans and he was in business.  He did a very moving  rendition of "You are always on my mind" which had the audience so enthralled you could hear a pin drop!

Since I have long straight hair, I went for 60's icon Joni Mitchell.   I borrowed and tie-dyed long skirt and jacket, threw on a beret, and I was ready to go.   It took me a while to learn it, but I had a lot of fun singing "Big Yellow Taxi".

The house where we attended the party was beautifully decorated for Halloween, food and drink was abundant, and the fun and laughter went on all night.   There was every character from the Mamas and the Papas, to kd lang, to Tom Petty to "dead" John Denver.   There was also Neil Young, and his wife was dressed as Neil "Younger".  They sang of medley of Neil Young tunes spanning his career.

Hubby and I didn't take any photos, but someone did, and if he sends them to us, I'll post them.

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