Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Big E

Hubby and I usually like to go to a fair in the fall.   This year we decided to try something new and go to the "Big E".   This fair is held in Springfield, MA.  We found out it's not the usual agricultural fair we're used to.  It has more commercial stuff than like, and not as many animals, prize vegetables and crafts.  But we had a wonderful time and it was a gorgeous day.

You have to love petting baby goats.

There was a midway with rides....we chose not to go on those.

Tons of food...yea, we ate  our way through the fair.

Hubby's favorite...the Clydesdales
Camel rides...again we chose not to

Circus tent with miniature circuses.  We didn't get to see the real circus...the tent was too full.

I thought the coolest thing was the Avenue of the States.  A replica of each of New England's statehouses.  Inside was everything pertaining to that state.....industry, food, claims to fame.  

Sheep shearing

Sheep herding

A parade in the afternoon including the Springfield High marching band


Grown men wearing fezes driving miniature cars

More Clydesdales

Giant Pumpkins and Squash

Carved Pumpkin

Baby piggies

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