Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Walkway

Our old walkway....a little tough to mow the lawn.  And shoveling in the winter would probably be no treat either!
All dug up and ready to go

Of course a new "tool" was needed.  Hubby's been needing a wheelbarrow.

A dirty kid is a  happy kid!

Thanks to daughter Jamie for helping us haul 60 slate blocks and 10 bags of sand.

Working hard!

The level shows that the walkway is flat.

Unfortunately, it was also crooked, so 3 1/2 rows had to be removed and re-set.   For some reason we thought the road at the bottom edge of the walkway would be straight.

All done!!

Well, really.....he needs to put in the other edge, fill in the edges with soil, and support the stairs.  But definitely all done for tonight!  


msmargie2 said...

Wow !!!!
It looks so nice, what a difference !
He did a great job !

Joan J said...

Wow, what a difference!! It looks so much better!