Monday, May 21, 2012

Yard Work!

Since our trip to Montreal was cancelled, we unexpectedly had a three-day weekend free.  That doesn't happen very often, since I often work on Saturday mornings.    Hubby very graciously allowed me to dictate what we did on Friday, since I was still somewhat of a raving lunatic about the missing passports.  I, of course, chose the beach.

In an effort at fairness, I allowed Hubby to decide what we should do on Saturday.  He chose - insanely - yard work!

Now, I have to say I was happy that he was finally going to remove the stumps from the rhododendron bushes in our front yard.  The rhododendrons were way too big:

They covered the front windows, and frankly, it looked like a jungle.  So Hubby cut them back for me:

And then it started raining, and it rained for two weeks, and we were busy on the weekends, etc, etc, etc.    So, before Hubby would be allowed to put in his veggie garden, he had to take out the stumps.

I then had the fun of going out and purchasing new things to put in the garden.  I decided not to try to put an English Garden in the front of the house, since I think it's too shady.   So I chose a mixture of perennial shrubs and some annual flowers.   Hopefully, as the years go on, I will fill the garden with perennials so I won't have to keep replanting.   For now, the garden looks like this:

It obviously needs more work.  The garden is smaller than what was there, so I need to make an edging and then sow some grass seed in front.  Also, we intend to put two trellises behind the rose bush, and add some morning glory to balance out the one rose bush. 

Finally, Hubby was allowed to go out back and work on his vegetable garden:

He planted almost everything from seed - green beans

Pumpkins, cantelope, squash, zucchini

And some tomato plants.

His reward at the end of the day:   A cold beer, a Kool Pop,  and a fire in the fire pit


Kaye said...

Hubby deserved his rest after all that work. Removing stumps is hard enough, never mind planting a vegetable garden.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Looks great! I feel like yard work is the worst, but can be the most rewarding