Monday, May 7, 2012

What's the Decision Going to Be?

Each new project for our house puts me in a dilemma of decision-making.  Picking out the bedroom wall color drove me crazy.  It just seemed like a huge decision.   Turns out, we picked a color, I didn't like it, so we went out and picked out a different color.   (Anyone need a full can of green paint?)

Now we're turning our time and energy to the outside of the house.   Jamie is painting our trim a nice cream color.  Tag has cleaned out a big section of the backyard that was covered in brush.  Hopefully we'll be able to grow a small vegetable garden there.

In the front of the house, we cut down three huge rhododendron bushes.  They were too big, unkempt and they covered our front living room windows.   Now for the big decision:

What do we put in their place?

I want something pretty, colorful from spring to fall,  and easy to maintain.  That means perrenials.   One problem is that the house faces east, so we get some morning sun, and then the area where the flowers would be is shady the rest of the day. 

I've always loved an "English Garden" with tall, loose flowers planted sort of willy-nilly and slightly unkempt looking.   But I don't know if there are enough colorful perrenial flowers that like shade to make a garden like that.

My other choice is small shrubs interspersed with flowers and bulbs.   I either have to go one way or the other.  I can't do some tall, loose flowers and some shrubs.   But which way should I go?  I supposed if it doesn't work out, I can do like I did with the bedroom wall paint and change my mind later.  But I'd really like to get it done right the first time, so I can sit back on my front porch and admire my lovely garden.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to build gardens over years. So, maybe you want to make a start with some bushes like spirea or burning bush (we had great luck with hostas in shade, but they do take over) and then plants interspersed. I LOVED my daylilies...bought from a woman down the road and had tons of varieties. Creeping phlox and creeping geraniums always did well for me. Enjoy! I love my garden time.