Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inch by Inch, Row by Row

A friend of ours, Tom Smith, has a song he sings with the lyrics "Inch by Inch, row by row, it's fun to watch your garden grow......all you need is a rake and a hoe, and a piece of fertile ground...."

He's absolutely's fun to watch your garden grow!!

Impatiens my daughter gave me for Mother's Day.....with Hubby's American Flag in the background.
Note the rock wall.   It used to be a fence, which Hubby pulled down, then he gathered the rocks one-by-one to make the fence.   Every day he came home with half a dozen rocks in the backseat of his car!

The front yard only gets morning sun, so it's Impatiens and Pansies in the front garden.

My goal is to have gardens that are all Perennials, so I won't have to buy flowers every year.  These are called "Dead Nettles" and you can just begin to see the purple flower at the top of the plant.
The garden has another variety as well, which looks like it's going to have pink flowers.

My son Nick got me a Hydrangea for Mother's Day.  We put this in the front of the house by the porch steps, taking the place of a huge evergreen shrub.  Hubby put up the lattice to cover the bottom of the porch.

The rose bush I bought at the garden store is a climber.....we do want to put a trellis behind it.  It's almost ready to blossom...the flowers should be peachy colored.   We also found a rose bush hiding against a fence in the backyard, and I transplanted it to the front.  That one is a climber as well and looks like it will have red flowers.

I'm very proud of the front garden.  There were three huge Rhododendrons that covered the front window and now the garden looks like this.

There is one Rhododendron left on the back corner of the house.  I love the fushcia colored flowers.  Most of the blossoms have passed, but this one is hanging on.

Up against the fence in the backyard is a wild mess of miscellaneous plants.   I don't know what this one is called, but it's pretty and it covers a rock, so we'll leave it there.

These flowers are covering the shrubs and fence along the driveway.  Again, I don't know what they are, but they're pretty so they stay.

Hiding along that fence are some iris, another rose bush, some raspberry vines, etc.   I'll be going through all these and deciding what stays, what goes, and what gets transplanted elsewhere.

Finally, Hubby planted a vegetable garden at the end of the backyard.  The soil is wonderful and it stays pretty moist back there.  My only fear is that there won't be enough sun.  We'll see how the veggie garden goes this year and if we have to, we'll move it next year to a sunnier spot.

Green Beans



It's actually coming up faster than I thought.

What a fun summer it's going to be watching all our hard work come to fruition.  There'll be much more garden sown in weeks, months, and years to come.   But as the saying goes....."Inch by inch, row by row........."


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Have fun with your gardens...I love mine...

elizasmom said...

Oooh, nice garden! Our yard is mostly shade so I will never have one; have yard-envy now...

Props to your hubby, also, for the rock wall. Looks like hard but satisfying work!