Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Wedding!

My son Nick was married today.   He and his new wife Kelly created their own wedding at Bear Brook State Park.  The decorations, table decor, and centerpieces were all made by hand with scrapbooking paper.

They rented a beautiful pavilion.

My daughter Jamie and Nick's friend Greg went early to help set things up.

The flowers in the centerpieces, as well as Kelly's bouquet, were hand-made from the scrapbooking paper as well.

Nick and I spent a few minutes before the wedding waiting for the bride to arrive.

Kelly's hand-made paper flower bouquet.

The Bride and Groom say their "I do's"

The exchange of rings

The happy couple are now married!

Nick and Kelly with my Dad

Waiting for the professional photographer

My three children, Doug, Nick and Jamie

Doug, Nick, Jamie with Kara and Emily

And now ALL my children
Doug, Kara and Emily
Nick and Kelly and

And the family including Hubby and I and my Dad.

Nick's new in-laws
Kelly's Mom and Dad, Bob and Gayle
and her sister Lorie

The bouquet was unbelievable

Jamie used some of her football skills to make off with the mailbox full of wedding cards.

First Dance

Aunt Izzy was looking for a dance partner so Jamie obliged

The new couple had a dessert bar of home-made pastries, so they chose to have a small single layer wedding cake.

They were very  nice to each other during the cake-feeding time.

I'm so proud of them for the beautiful job they did.  The wedding was beautiful, the food was great, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.  

I wish them lots of love in the years to come.


Dawn Twombly said...

Congrats to Nick and Kelly! I love the flowers!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Everything was just beautiful...LOVE the paper flower bouquet...amazing...

Joan J said...

The flowers are aMAZing! Looks like a beautiful wedding. Congrats to the newly married couple.