Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Picking

For the third year, we took Emily apple-picking.  It's a tradition we love and hope to continue for many years.

We walked around looking for nice red apples close enough to the ground for Emily to reach. 

Memere likes teaching her to "shine it up" on her shirt.   This year, she commented that  a couple of apples on the tree were already shiny, and we decided it was squirrels and their fluffy tails that shined them up for us.

I had to laugh because Emily would eat one side of the apple until she got to the core, and then that apple was done.  Nothing  I said could convince her to turn it around and eat the other side of the apple.

Pepere enjoyed the apples too.

Emily thought it was pretty funny to sit on a pumpkin for a photo op.

The "bumpy" pumpkins made Emily sad.

Memere enjoying her favorite part - the hot cider donuts and cold apple cider.  Emily didn't want to try the donuts (WHAT?  She can't be MY grand-daughter!) but she did like eating popcorn.

A beautiful girl.....inside AND out!

Sometimes you just have to be silly.

Then it was time to go to Memere and Pepere's house to make pies with our newly picked apples.

Pepere shows Emily how to make the dough.

And how to put the apples into the pie. 

There may have been a few too many apples in this pie.

Memere and Emily peel the apples. I love what she says at the end of this video.

She gets pretty good on the apple peeler towards the end.

Emily has her own method for filling the pie shell.

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elizasmom said...

Apples, and all the fun activities related to them, are one of the big reasons that it will take some serious bribery to ever get me to leave New England.

Great post — your granddaughter's a peach, and you all look like you had a blast!