Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun At Fenway

I had the great good fortune of winning four tickets to the Red Sox game last night.  My company, AAA, had their annual meeting last week, and I psychically (sp?) made the company president announce my raffle ticket number to win!

I very rarely go to Red Sox games, the cost being the major factor.   The tickets I won were worth $50 apiece.   Add into that the cost of parking and food, and it's just way too far beyond our budget.
So winning these tickets was very exciting for me.

We drove our car to Sullivan Square, where we could get on Boston's "T" - the subway.  We got off around the corner from Fenway Park, and walked past the iconic Citgo sign, which can be seen in right field from inside the park.

Fenway is steeped in tradition.  Ted Williams was selling creamy Root Beer long before Paul Newman thought of selling salad dressing.

We got there early to soak up the ambiance before the game started.

Looking down from the Grandstand, you could watch the entertainment below.

Fenway has had a capacity crowd for something like ten years, including people who buy standing room only tickets.

Jamie and I eagerly awaiting the start of the game.

This was Hubby's first game since his Dad brought him in 1967. 
He was hoping Jim Longborg was pitching.

He made sure to enjoy the experience with a Fenway Frank and a Beer!

Jamie brought her friend Skippy to the game.

Jamie cheers on a play.

It was a bit chilly so we had to snuggle.

It was exciting to watch the great Jonathan Papelbon pitch almost perfect strikes to close out the game.

The Red Sox won 4-3 in a very important game versus the Tampa Bay Rays.  The two Rays fans sitting next to us did not appreciate our excitement over the victory, nor our scathing remarks about the Rays!

It's always very exciting when the home team wins!!


Anonymous said...

I'm THRILLED you got to see them win!

Joan J said...

Fenway has so much ambience it's fun to go even if you're not a huge baseball fan. Here in Cincinnati, you can actually get $2 tickets, but you sit in a cold, modern facility and pretty much know the team is going to lose! LOL Looks like your day was fun!