Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

The renovation of my craft room has gone fairly slowly.   It's really a winter project, but I am anxious to get it done so I can use the room.  Summer is such a busy time, and if the weather is nice we'd rather be doing stuff outside.   So a project that could have been done in a weekend is being stretched for many weeks.  

We've both agreed that we don't intend to do all our renovations at once.  We know it's going to take us years to "complete".....although we've been assured by everyone who owns a house that it's never complete!

But, as I said, I'd really like to get it finished so I can move my new sewing machine in, and set up a scrapbooking table.

The point I'm stuck on right now is the floor.   I've painted the walls a very pretty lilac, and the woodwork looks great painted bright white.   Right now, the floor had been painted a brick red.  Obviously, it needs to be painted over.  

And that's my sticking point.  I'm terrible with colors.  I'm not good at envisioning what will look nice.  Even with scrapbooking, I can't picture a page completed.  I have to build it one element at a time.

At first, I wanted to paint the floor either dark green or dark purple.  I put the choices out on Facebook, and everyone said dark purple.  I got some purple color swatches and mused about it for much too long.  

When I announced to the girls at work yesterday that I was finally buying my floor paint, and showed them the swatch, they were all appalled.   Much too purple!! was the consensus.

So now they had me second-guessing myself.   And I can't of admitted that I hadn't been sure about the purple all along - they yea, it was probably going to be "too purple".

They suggested Taupe.   I wasn't sure exactly what Taupe was, and after going to the paint store, I'm still not sure.   The young man hovering over me at Home Depot couldn't really help me either.

So I pulled a whole mess of swatches and brought them back to work with me to show the girls.   I'm not sure if they were happy with my selections, but I seriously pulled every swatch that was even close to what I thought Taupe might be.

These swatches look much greener than they did in the store.   The hard thing about colors is that they look different no matter which way you turn them.  Sometimes more green, sometimes more brown. 

Hubby suggested buying those little "samples" of several different colors and painting them on the floor.   I hate the fact that they charge you for those paint samples and I really hate to give in to spending useless money like that.

Bottom line is.....I am bound and determined to paint that floor on Saturday.  Given that, I guess I have a decision to make!


Joan J said...

I was one of those who voted for the Dark Purple, but the color I was thinking was a purple SO dark it was near black. Black with a hint of purple undertones :)

Anonymous said...

taupe is ugly. i like grey and purple together ... perhaps a slate grey would look good with the lilac and white :)

Anonymous said...

Teal and purple is pretty together. I have it in my bedroom and it looks stunning.

elizasmom said...

haha. We are finishing up having our bathroom redone and I TOTALLY picked the wrong color for the wall the first time, so I can relate to your color-picking dilemma. Good luck!