Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why I should shop ONLY online.

I had a 1/2 day this morning, so after doing all the wifely things- cleaning, laundry, etc. - I figured I'd go out and pick up a couple of things I'd seen on sale for Christmas. Usually I am diligent about shopping only online at the holidays. But it's still 6 weeks before Christmas and it's a Wednesday morning. How bad could it be, right? I did actually pick up a few things for really But there was one other thing I was looking for. It's a specialty item, and I did look online. I found what I wanted, but the shipping would be $10. I hate paying for shipping and usually find a way around it, but there was no way around this one. So I figured I'd check out the price at a local store and see if it was worth ordering it online and paying for the shipping. I drove to the plaza where I thought the store was, and nope....not there. I went into one of the other little stores and asked, and they said it had moved to the next town. Great. Did I want to drive to the next town? I was already into this excursion for about 15 minutes, so I decided to go for it. Of course, driving to the next town involved traffic, lights and construction, which is what I usually try to avoid by shopping online. I pulled into the plaza the gentleman had directed me to and.........the shop wasn't there. I had to park the car and go into another little shop, and they confirmed that the shop was in the next plaza. So I got back into the car and went to the next plaza. Finally, there was the store. As I suspected, the prices were about 100% more than what I'd seen it for online, so I drove back home......cringing at the waste of time and gas. Of course, when I looked online again, I could not find the item! Where the heck did I see it? Which website??????? I should have just ordered it when I saw it and saved myself lots of time, money and aggravation.


Me (aka Danielle) said...

I hate chasing items all over town, when you can find things online. I do find myself doing a lot of shopping online.

Debbie said...

Pat yourself on the back that you are already buying Christmas gifts! You are far ahead of me.