Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No new post for almost a week.

Hmmmmm.....no new post for almost a week. What's up with that? Not too much to post about I guess. And feeling a bit down in the dumps. I'm tired of working on Saturdays. I want to have a regular weekend again. Although....Hubby did read my mind - seriously - and take me to the beach on Saturday afternoon. The waves were crazy.....don't know why. The fried dough place is closed for the winter. Sunday was a busy day. Hubby played piano at the Java Room while I read the Sunday paper. And Hubby's kids came over for Thanksgiving dinner/belated birthdays. It was nice to see our grandson again. And back to work on Monday.....where things are getting worse and worse with the one person in our office that causes all the trouble. I'm seriously thinking of looking for a new job.....even though I like the job itself and everyone else I work with. I just don't think I can stand coming home aggravated every day anymore. I did some online Christmas shopping...but now I'm stuck, cause I haven't gotten answers from the rest of my family about what they want. I ordered my Christmas cards but haven't had time to pick them up. I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving as much as I used to cause my Mom won't be there. I need an attitude adjustment.


Sandra said...

It boggles my mind to read a post in November about a beach outing...please adopt me!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

You know..you have every right to have "down" days..you have been through a lot and it make the work situation soooo much worse :-( If I were there, I'd give you a hug and one for hubby too, He takes such good care of you! :-)

Joan J said...

Aw, Karen -sending you a hug. I'm sorry one person is ruining a job you otherwise love. Would it do any good to tell a manager you're thinking of leaving because of this person? But yes, maybe it is time to look for something else if it's affecting your outlook. For the holidays, I remember how difficult they were for me after my Dad passed. I didn't really celebrate the holidays for two or three years after, so I do understand. Be sure and take some time for yourself and let the love of that wonderful husband of yours help you through the holidays. The world won't end if you're not your normal happy bubbly self. Love you, friend. Take care.