Friday, November 19, 2010

When do you give them the ax?

Do we all still send out Christmas Cards? In this age of technology, I can imagine lots of people are turning to e-cards to save time and money. But there's nothing like a good Christmas card, ya know? And my favorite cards are picture cards. I love getting cards from friends and relatives with cute pictures of their kids and pets and families. When Hubby and I got married, we decided to send out picture Christmas Cards just for fun. We each donned a Santa hat and took our photo, then sent them out to our nearest and dearest. The tradition has lived on. Each year we try to take a decent picture while we're on one of our adventures, and send it out at the holidays. The question now is.......who should we send the cards to? Our own kids, who we see often? Distant family? New friends? Old friends? Co-workers? Sending them to co-workers can be a slippery slope. If you send them to the one co-worker you're really good friends with, do you have to send them to all your co-workers? Should I send a card to the former co-worker, whom I haven't seen since 1992? Because she sends me a card and photos of her kids and a Christmas newsletter every year? Part of the consideration is that the cards come in packs of 20. Right now there are 38 people on our list. If I want to add very many more, I have to cut some people or pay another $14.99 for an additional 20 cards. I'm going to have to work on my list.

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