Sunday, August 16, 2015

The "Fab Four" were FABulous!

Hubby is quite the Beatles fan so when we heard that the Fab Four were going to be within driving distance in Providence, RI, I hopped online and bought tickets.   Little did I know that they'd also be playing much closer in Beverly, MA!  

That's okay....we like to take little getaway weekends.  I found us a  Hampton Inn just a couple of miles from Twin River Casino, where the show was being held.

We drove down in the morning and spent the day at the Roger Williams Zoo.  I won't bore you with zoo've seen animals before!  Although we did see an animal I hadn't seen before....a Red just one photo!  He wouldn't turn his face towards us, but he had a cute little face and a tail like a raccoon.

Roger Williams Park also has a Botanical Garden.  We checked it out but I wasn't impressed.   

After going to the hotel and swimming for a bit and relaxing, we headed over to Twin River to find something to eat and see the show.

I wanted to eat somewhere decent, but by the time we looked at the Steak Restaurant (way too pricey - it had real white tablecloths!) and got our name into another place, we were worried that we'd be cutting it too close so we settled on Johnny Rockets.

It was fun and the food was decent and we made it to the show on time....what more could we want?

Hubby did take one illicit photo of the casino.  Neither one of us are interested in the gambling but we wandered around trying to find a machine that would let us play just $1.   No luck.  

Finally it was time to go see the show.   I was very surprised that the "Event Center" at the casino was just a big room with folding chairs!   Luckily, I had picked the front row of the second section, which gave us a good view without people standing in front of us.....although it was pretty annoying that there was a constant flow of traffic walking in front of us.   I doubt that I'd ever go see a show again at Twin River for that reason.

The show itself was wonderful.   It was funny that the guy sitting next to us commented that he'd love it if Ed Sullivan would come out and introduce the band like he did in 1964.....and he did!

The band started out with the songs they sang on that original Ed Sullivan Show.  I had a hard time getting photos because we were further away but I got some good ones and later went up front to take a few from closer to the stage.

After a few songs, they did a costume change while Ed Sullivan kept us amused,  and came out dressed in the Sargent Pepper outfits.

And then they finished the show in their regular clothes (from the 1960s!)

They put on a really, really good show!   They had everyone dancing, clapping and of course, singing along.

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