Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Noah's Birthday Adventure

We took Noah on his 7th Birthday Adventure to the Legoland Discovery Center in Boston.
Noah just loves Legos.....and he's pretty fond of trains as well, so we parked at Alewife Station and took the train over to Somerville.

You can't miss the entrance to the's being guarded by a  larger-than-life giraffe made of Legos.

After a video factory tour and a little ride where you shoot scary Lego characters, you enter a huge room filled with a Boston Cityscape.   This was the most phenomenal part of the place.....adults should go just to see this room.  There were many, many iconic Boston Buildings.

Everywhere throughout were interactive components.  The USS Constitution shot its cannons when you pushed the button.

There was even a replica of Legoland!

You could play a little baseball game at Fenway Park.

The people in the stands had hotdogs and beer!

Gillette Stadium with crowds of people, football players and a jumbo-tron

The Hatch Shell had a band that played 
when you pressed the button.

Out in the play area, Noah found a friend!

Grampy was a Ninja!

Noah built some cars and then raced them on two different tracks.

Another friend!

The huge climbing play area had giant, soft Lego blocks inside.  One half was a "Construction Site"  and the other half was a "Firehouse"

The funniest part of the day was when Noah "couldn't hear us" when we said it was time to come out of the climbing area.  (He really was extremely well-behaved all day).   I asked the attendant if I could go in and get him and she said, "Sure!"   I did - and you should have seen his face when I approached him!  "Hey!! How did you get in here???!!"

Grampy rests on the "Grandparent Bench!"

There was also a 4D movie.  We wore 3D glasses and were able to feel the "wind" and the "rain" on us as we watched the movie.  It even "snowed"!  And at the end, the little dragon "sneezed" on us!  Ewww!

We were so thankful that Noah really loved the Cityscape.  We thought he'd blow right by it since he really didn't know that the buildings were all replicas of real Boston buildings.  But everywhere you looked there were little vignettes and interesting things to see.  We found something new every time we looked again.   And there were quite a few little "surprises"....such as a cow joining the people on the conveyor belt inside the airport, or a shark coming out of the toilet in a Prudential Center office.

Zakim Bridge

Noah is racing against himself - they had the Harvard Sculls on the "Charles River" and the Red Team raced against the Blue Team.

Noah conferring with the Fire Chief

On the return Noah enjoyed the escalators in the subway station.

Noah and Memere waiting patiently for the T.

Luckily for me and Grampy, Noah's favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden where we went for a birthday dinner.   Then a quick stop at Coldstone for some ice cream. 

What a fantastic day with a wonderful little boy!  Happy 7th Birthday Noah!!

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