Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bergeron Family Reunion 2015

The 22nd Annual Bergeron Family Reunion was a great success despite the less-than-pleasing weather!

I was really down in the dumps all day on Saturday watching the weather report and thinking it would have to be cancelled.....for the first time ever!   

Hubby and I decided we'd go up to the State Park and just wait in the parking lot for awhile to see if anyone else showed up.  When we got there, it was misting out.

Sure enough, my very favorite cousin Glenn - a die-hard reunion attendee, showed up with his whole family!  Even grandson Anthony in his little raincoat and his daughters in their rain ponchos. 

He had an "easy-up" so we said, "Let's do it!"

Hubby sitting with all his friends!

A little misty rain didn't stop the kids from playing on the beach.  Some of them even went swimming!

My sister-in-law Angie, her grandson Damien, and my cousin Susie visiting from Maryland....she's from the other side of the family!  But all are welcome!!

My brother Steve brought his little grill and fired it up to warm some chili and cook lots of other scrumptious food.  Glenn, Scott and I hang around for a taste!

Cousin John is a happy (crazy) guy!

and his wife, my cousin Fran, is no better!

Cousin Cathy with her granddaughter Amber

Glenn's grandson Anthony somehow ended out with a chocolate face!    His Mom Bianca is holding him and his Grandma Janice looks on.

A nice conversation between me and my twin cousin Francine.  Her mother and mine were identical twins, and being the same age, we are told often that we look alike.

We turned out to have a crew!  Dad had called in the morning saying he might not go.  But when I called to tell him lots of people were there, he showed up for an hour or so.

Lots of discussions going on

Gary, Tommy, Steve and Jimmy

We tried to get everyone together for a photo.  Some had already left, so there were more than this that attended.

As usual, I wish I'd gotten more photos.  Many family members who were there are not in any photos, including my Cousin Ruth and her husband Rick here from Ohio!

We found out that there will be three more babies born this year.   And my Uncle Chanel is the oldest at age 87.  

I was so happy on the way glad we had another successful reunion and already looking forward to next year!

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